5 Reasons Why To Wear a Body Shaper

Improving the body shape has always been one of the main goals of most people. 

But getting in better shape means to refrain from delicious food, fight the temptations, do sports and be more in control of oneself. This takes time, changes don’t come over night, but it is worth trying for a better and more healthy life.

Sticking to a rigid diet plan can be very hard and unpleasant and the weight loss will not be instant, that’s why Brigitte Black’s body shapers can help you get instant improvements in your body shape.

Get an hourglass figure and an instant weight-loss-look by wearing our special garments made with Lycra Microfiber which is a sturdy and strong material that enhances your natural beauty.

Body shapers are very effective, effortless to put on and are totally discreet. They are also very comfortable and can be worn for long hours throughout your day without any discomfort. Our shape wear is to be worn under your clothes, this will create an hourglass curve at your waist that eliminates “muffin top” and “rolls”.


1. Discreet and comfortable

Our body shapers are very comfortable and are easy-to-wear garments that can conceal your actual body and give you a slim look discreetly. As it is to be worn beneath your clothes, it is completely discreet. The thin Lycra material allows you to seamlessly wear our body shapers under your favorite skinny jeans, dresses or skirts.

2. Encourage compression, perspiration and Increased Blood Circulation

Our shapers are tight and body-hugging, they create pressure to your body which leads to compression and perspiration.  Body shapes are perfect for providing instant abdominal compression while comfortably supporting your spine.

Wearing a body shaper will help increase blood flow/circulation to areas of your body that help promote cell growth and proper organ function. Your skin will also benefit from the increase in blood circulation as healthy skin is better able to fight off any bacteria and infection that it may come in contact with. When your heart beats at full force, your heart rate will lower causing your heart muscles to relax and your blood pressure to flow evenly and smoothly.

3. Improved posture

With an hourglass figure comes a better posture. As the areas of your body will be tightened by these shapers because of compression, you will automatically achieve a better posture. You will look and feel more attractive as your body starts to slim.

4. Postpartum care

New moms we know its hard to get back in shape with limited time on your hands. Wearing a body shaper can help your waistline by simply wearing for 4 hours daily for a month, you can instantly lose 4 inches off your waist. We understand you don’t have a lot of free time nor energy for spending hours at the gym, so why not get your body back in the comfort of your own home.

5. Confidence Boost, Mental and Emotional Benefits

Body shapers can help control how much food you consume that way you wont overeat. We recommend wearing a body shaper as a complement to a healthy diet and after your exercise routine because it gives you that extra boost to keep you on track. Wearing a body shaper feels a lot like receiving a constant hug because of the compression. For a lot people, this is a soothing feeling psychologically, which results in a positive emotional effect within.

Choose from a variety of different kinds of body shapers in our store.


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