About the Dress of the Prairie Girls

Featured image by Rebecca Kline.

I love the prairies, the landscape … the big blue skies … the grounded-ness of life.

The prairies have always stood as a symbol for freedom and possibility. Early prairie women knew they were part of a magnificent movement to build a new land on the last frontier. They were hardy, resilient and persevering. They had GRIT and they displayed character-defining traits and values as they laid claim. In reality they left us with spirited stories that can inspire and strengthen us today.

Prairie is a feeling, memory, sight or sound that brings us back to our values and our roots, in a wholesome way. We’ve always felt it whether we were living in a city, small town or out on a back-country road. The open prairie vistas give us the space to envision, unhindered. They inspire us to dream bigger, to expand our horizons.

That’s one of the reasons I am so excited that this season many designers, such as Calvin Klein, Zimmermann, Coach and Etro have brought back and reimagined the prairie dress trend making it acceptable for city dwellers and It-girls.

At its core, this retro trend is about ruffle accents, floral prints, puffed sleeves, high necklines and breezy silhouettes with nostalgic details that feel both sentimental and current.

I have looked out for you, to find some interesting pieces and came up with some really nice dresses that both mirror the prairie girl and the romantic women in a monochrome black look.

Click the image to shop the styles.

Happy Shopping!!!

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