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Kick Start

The journey began many years ago

Brigitte remembers her life very romantically:
“I grew up in France, life was slow and beautiful and there was a lot of time and just a little bit of money.” 
That money was spend very carefully, once a year a new dress, maybe…that was worn and loved until the end.
Brigitte grew up with great appreciation, care and love. She entered the fashion world when she was very young and started traveling, entering into fields of productions, distributions and retail. 
But by then the world started to change.
Changes Are Goooooood

We’re just getting started

The French girl fell in love, moved to the United States and met a new upcoming world.
Big opportunities opened for Brigitte, social media was at its beginning and her background entered her immediately into a new working life.
The market developed rapidly, more and more was the demand, faster the pace, the trends, changing colors and seasons…
Brigitte realized that she had to take a break. 
It was then that she found her new love: LOVE for black outfits. The pace can grow, the seasons can change, but the color black will always be simply and beautifully black.
Here We Are

LOVE for black outfits

After taking a break to gather new ideas and energy, Brigitte decided to emerge herself into a new experience. 
“Lets keep the pace running, I am not able to stop it, but go with the flow and offer what I can”. 
Brigitte opened the doors to her new shop offering carefully selected black outfits for ladies that are looking for affordable prices, style, elegance and comfort, to wear at different events or simple daily life with the aim to give advice and great customer service with a smile…

We Love Our Clients & We try Everything To Help

Very affordable and friendly. I bought a dress and jumpsuit and it got just what I was looking for. Delivery was as promised. Will purchase again!
Belinda B.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
I’m so happy with the service from Brigitte Black – I have bought a great amount of work wear here and recently also got two cocktail dresses. Their support is just awesome, very friendly and caring.
Kimberly Johnson
Little Rock, Arkansas
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