I am currently traveling in Vietnam and I can’t tell you how happy I feel. The people and their amazing ways to adapt on any circumstance, the healthy, delicious food I am eating and the colorful, culture rich architecture I see, have conquered my heart. Hoi An particularly, with its western romantic flair and magnificent […]

Curvey Illustration Love

I can’t stop looking at these wonderful illustrations by @gabrielepennacchioli, an Italian illustrator and artist. Not only that the ladies are looking energetic and happy, enjoying every minute in the picture but they also look so confident and pretty in their bikinis and lingerie. I had to combine them into little cartoon memes for your […]

5 Reasons Why To Wear a Body Shaper

Improving the body shape has always been one of the main goals of most people.  But getting in better shape means to refrain from delicious food, fight the temptations, do sports and be more in control of oneself. This takes time, changes don’t come over night, but it is worth trying for a better and […]

About the Dress of the Prairie Girls

Featured image by Rebecca Kline. I love the prairies, the landscape … the big blue skies … the grounded-ness of life. The prairies have always stood as a symbol for freedom and possibility. Early prairie women knew they were part of a magnificent movement to build a new land on the last frontier. They were […]

Asymmetric Monochromy

There is always something intriguing in asymmetry…it puts things out of balance. When playing with monochrome outfits, asymmetry is perfect and designers and stylists love to use it to add this extra touch of abstractness into their pieces. For this summer I have added two pieces in my store for you that combined with monochrome […]

Why Does Black Make You Look Thinner?

For sure you have heard it a thousand times: BLACK MAKES YOU SKINNIER But, what is the logic behind it? Why is that so and what causes it? Funnily, there is no scientific explanation behind this, but there are some possible and interesting explanations. Like in everything we see, light is the main explanation. Our […]

Brigitte About Quality – Part 1

We select our products very carefully at Brigitte Black. We consider only items, that are previously tested and have a good and positive feedback. We try to give the best price possible to assure that our clients are happy with the price value ratio and we are always in research of better quality and better […]

Little Black Dress – The Classic Way to say: I love Fashion

I fell in love with the little black dress the first time I saw it on the big screen worn by the legendary Audrey Hepburn in the cult of many generations, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, where the protagonist, Holly, wears the little black dress designed for her by Hubert de Givenchy. The little black dress can be […]

Black jumpsuits, elegant and perfect for special occasions

If you are worried that this is not for you because of you height or body constitution, know that this is not a problem. You can easily find the suit that fits your shape. What makes the difference on the way of dressing jumpsuits is almost always the neck lines, which must be in agreement […]

Maximalize Your Style with Fringes

This is confirmed by the most important catwalks of high fashion, as well as the more common ones of street style: the fashion world, at this moment, wants fringes to be protagonists of clothes and accessories . The fringes emerge among the most significant musts and represent a detail halfway between the most sophisticated and refined style of the roaring 20s and the hippie […]

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