Brigitte About Quality – Part 1

We select our products very carefully at Brigitte Black. We consider only items, that are previously tested and have a good and positive feedback. We try to give the best price possible to assure that our clients are happy with the price value ratio and we are always in research of better quality and better price so that everybody can enjoy beautifully, affordable and comfortable black dressing.

Many of the items, which are placed in our store are made in a different variety of materials, natural and synthetics. Let me explain you in few words the difference and  general characteristics of the most common materials at Brigitte Black.

There are many synthetic fibers that have been introduced lately into the market and sometimes it might be a bit confusing due to all the different names they have.

Advancements in the textile industry come from advances in fibers. Fiber development happens to fill a need in the market. There are extensive trends and market analysis studies before developing a new fiber.

100 years ago when synthetic fibers were first starting to hit the market they were developed to replace natural fibers. For example, rayon was a cheaper alternative to silk.

Viscose rayon was the first synthetic fiber made public in 1939 with the intent to replace silk. But, viscose rayon was actually invented before that in 1910 by the American Viscose Company.

Nowadays people no longer put a priority on natural fibers like cotton, silk, and wool but enjoy more affordable solutions following fashion trends.

We try to focus on fabric quality as well as on how good the items were processed. In some cases mistakes happen and items have defects. This is solved by our return policy or refund.  Follow my blog, I will keep writing more about different fabrics and their use.

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