Maximalize Your Style with Fringes

This is confirmed by the most important catwalks of high fashion, as well as the more common ones of street style: the fashion world, at this moment, wants fringes to be protagonists of clothes and accessories .
The fringes emerge among the most significant musts and represent a detail halfway between the most sophisticated and refined style of the roaring 20s and the hippie style. It is precisely in these years that the trend of fringes is born and consequently the fashion of flapper-girls , characterized by dresses with fringes in silk or beads that rise to the rhythm of jazz music, giving charm and sensuality to the wearer and hypnotizing the dreamy eyes of men around.

These are also the years in addition to jazz and Charleston , even the great dancing parties, in which these fringes are the protagonists, as far as women’s clothing is concerned. Their sensuality has in fact also characterized dresses, protagonists of countless films, among the most famous we remember Midnight Mary , The Paradise of the young girls and the most recent The Great Gatsby . From the past they inherit that sensuality , which in the present is interpreted even in a more casual chic key.

The fashion of the fringes, however, has its roots already in the far American West, where it was necessary to show off a resistant, comfortable style that played with embroidery, brooches and fringes, until reaching the windows of our boutiques and proposing modern style cawgirls particular, but impeccable.
The fashion of the fringes, still, continues in the period between the 1960s and the 1970s , the years of political struggles and the pacifist movement, the years of the so-called flower children .
The style of these years, in addition to flowers and colors, proposes a fashion symbol of freedom and far from the most classic fashion patterns, with the undisputed protagonists, in fact, the fringes.

An explosion of fringes now returns more than ever to the latest trends, investing the entire fashion scene. The fringes fashion captivates and seduces everyone, taking even the world of brides back and bringing them back to life the roaring 20s. Check out my selection that is available at the moment at this store.

Sheer Yoke Party Fringe Dress

Fringes make you dance all night long.

I guess you know that already and I am just here to point it out for you.

Elegant and dynamic in the same time, this sheer yoke fringe dress will make you spin.

Punctuate yours with pumps and a clutch for a striking evening look. Shop here.

Vintage Flair Fringe Dress

Time to update this little black dress with a dose of vintage flair.

Get this mini design with striking fringed detail across the body, to get a surefire addition to your after-dark edit.

Amp up your look with sleek sandals and an embellished clutch. Shop here.

Tassel Fringe Dress

Cascading fringe over the shoulder of this sharp mini dress are creating a moves-with-you silhouette.

The design has a V-neckline, tassels on the shoulders, and a slim silhouette.

Wear yours with a bold red lip and an embellished clutch for your next evening occasion. Shop here.

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