I am currently traveling in Vietnam and I can’t tell you how happy I feel. The people and their amazing ways to adapt on any circumstance, the healthy, delicious food I am eating and the colorful, culture rich architecture I see, have conquered my heart.

Hoi An particularly, with its western romantic flair and magnificent colors has taken quite an impact on me.

This pretty city — seemingly too charming to be real — is the place you see in your daydreams when you think of Vietnam. I have been wandering the narrow streets of the ancient town (a UNESCO Heritage site), biked past rice paddies in the countryside and took one of the region’s delectable cooking classes.

What a wonderful place to get lost for a few days or even for a few month. So much inspiration and so many things to learn.

I have been observing the people, how they move, talk and live their simple lives every day, accepting what the day brings and moving with strength forward. This is something we have forgotten in our western culture. We mostly want fast with as less effort as possible.

Here it seems that there is enough time to chill, meet friends and family and do some work as part of your daily routine.

Lots of things are done by hand. I have seen people working on a simple task by hand for days without anger, frustration and stress.

Traveling in Vietnam is very save, people are friendly and there is so much to see and to experience. I will stay here for a while and travel in a very slow pace to be able to absorb all this strong and delicate way of life.

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