Why Does Black Make You Look Thinner?

For sure you have heard it a thousand times:


But, what is the logic behind it? Why is that so and what causes it?

Funnily, there is no scientific explanation behind this, but there are some possible and interesting explanations.

Like in everything we see, light is the main explanation. Our eye detects bulges on the body due to the lighting effects. Lighting cues give away contours. Wearing black reduces those lighting cues, and the bulging belly isn’t as obvious to the eye. 

Another point is that our eyes really do see dark objects as (slightly) smaller. It’s an optical illusion; that’s exactly what ‘looking thinner’ is all about. And this works not just for clothes. In fact, all dark colors make objects look smaller. This is true of furniture, fabric on a bed, house paint, and everything else that you can see.

Now, here is the question for you. Which one of the two cubes is smaller?

Photo: www.ionpsych.com

The right answer is: Both squares are the same size.

Most people see the inner black square smaller than the inner white one. 

Isn’t it funny how we can trick the eye and the eye our brain?

Luckily we sell all our outfits in black, so no worries about choosing the wrong color to hide your silhouette.  

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